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VikingsRugbyClub - About

Welcome to Vikings Rugby Club!

I’m Patrick Goodwin, a professional accountant with an immense love for Australia and Australian rugby. While I was a student, I developed a vast love for rugby since I was part of the college team.

This love then evolved to a long-term passion, leading me to virtually analyse and root for my favourite rugby matches and teams.

I have the goal of keeping everyone updated when it comes to rugby. After all, I like analysing every match in the Australian league, especially when it comes to my favourite team, the Melbourne Rebels.

There might be times when you could miss watching a match because of work or any other commitment. That’s when my blog comes in real handy. This blog is focused on posting a wide array of content about rugby highlights while the league is taking place.

My purpose is to make it easier for you to read complete summaries of important rugby matches that took place. On this blog, you will see everything in a detailed way such as players and some plays that might have determined the result of the game. Believe me, you won’t miss anything.

Nowadays I’m working on doing weekly updates analysing any change that might happen when the league is on hiatus, such as player exchanges and even off-season injuries. The main goal is to keep the blog as one of the most updated sites for all Australian rugby lovers.

If you are a Melbourne Rebels fan then you will find this blog very suitable, as when I’m is not rooting and supporting the team full time, I’m supporting the national team.