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As you might know, especially when there are blogs started by fans, they need sponsors to make this job truly genuine and good. In the end, people like me start from scratch dedicating our time off to keep you entertained.

Therefore, here’s a way to make you part of this important team and ensure the high-quality of the blogposts.

Aside from the benefits you would get, you have to know that you will be investing your donation in your amusement. You will get all the tips, info, updates, and even exclusive broadcast to most matches of your interest.

At the same time, you will have the pleasure of knowing you are part of a humble but great initiative for rugby fans, and it will be greatly appreciated.

If you’re interested in helping, you have to know that your investment won’t be much and won’t even feel like a waste of money. Nonetheless, if you want to know about different ways of helping, there’s more than monetary ways to contribute.

I would also appreciate if you have talents or skills you can contribute with, such analysis or even programming. This would turn your contribution into a long-term benefit for all readers, developing an app to keep you all updated every second.

When it comes to donations and contributions, getting a reward is often looked down for seeming egocentric and shallow. However, I like to thank people for their help. With any contribution, regardless of the amount, everyone will get a 15% discount code on T-Shirts and merchandise.

Just go to our Contact section and get in contact with me, or if you prefer using snail mail, you can mail a letter to 13 Thomas Lane, Reservoir East Vic 3073. I would be getting back to you as soon as possible since this is the perfect opportunity to make you an expert on rugby and being up to date.