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5 Rugby-Themed Online and Mobile Slots to Play during Lockdown

The world is evolving and everything changes. As far as rugby is concerned, you have the option of playing a large number of these games on casino sites on the web. This relatively new modality has made rugby slot machines very popular worldwide, allowing fans of the sport to spend their free time on entertainment

Next, we will show you which are the best pokies with which you can enjoy your entertainment during quarantine.

Webby Heroes

This online game makes its debut after its launch, as a game designed and developed by Platypus. With Playamo bonus code, the online slot is available to play without a hassle. This game has not only been the generator of interest in slot machines but has also maximized the awareness of the little-known software developer.

Aussie Rules

There is nothing more Australian than the Aussie Rules. This rugby-themed game is the only one that has been the continent’s main contribution to the casino sports-based game industry.

This slot machine aside from having a rugby theme has an Australian theme that leads this fantastic game to the online casino industry. Containing 5 reels and 15 paylines that are adjustable, the game includes plenty of eye-catching graphics and animations.

Striking Wild

If you are a fan of slot machines with a strong emphasis on rugby, Striking Wild is for you, it is a casino game that you will never get tired of playing. It has 3 reels and 5 paylines. The way of playing is very simple and offers you very good rewards with frequent intervals.

Odd Shaped Balls

This online slot game turns out to be very entertaining thanks to its structure that is full of functions, special symbols and many free spins bonuses. Also, even the stands that this game has encourages you with its wonderful background sound and celebrates with you each of your victories.

Using varied rugby-related symbols, players, rugby balls, and a player preparing to kick the ball, Odd Shaped Balls stands out among the other games due to its simplicity in graphics.

Rugby Stars

The amazing thing about this slot machine is that it was created to commemorate the 2015’s edition of the Rugby World Cup. With over 240 ways to win, Rugby Stars slots is set in a stadium that’s filled with spectators and players rocking their colours.

Although there are only one bonus games, it’s possible to earn consecutive wins, leading you into endless fun.

These slot games are highly competitive just like the sport itself. By playing the games mentioned above, you will have the chance to feel closer to rugby. Also, you will be experiencing the same adrenaline the sport and online betting offers.

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