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Rugby in Australia – The History

Australia is recognized as a global power for rugby. This game is recognized by having a fascinating history full of financial struggles and growth that led the sport during the last century to occupy a place in the hearts of many people for the next centuries. Here’s a summary of the history of the beloved sport in Australia.

What is Rugby all About?

This sport has the global objective of making each team take the ball to the end of the opposite field and score as many times as possible. Players can move or run forward with a ball that can also be kicked to the front but can only be passed with the hands laterally to the back.

Post Image Rugby in Australia The History The Beginnings - Rugby in Australia - The History

The Beginnings

Rugby arrived in this country in 1860 along with the English colonists. After this, in 1863, the Sydney University Football Club became the first club located in the city of Sydney. By 1870, competitions were held throughout the country, followed by more than 100 clubs in 1880.

The First Rugby Match

The Australian rugby union became the most dominant winter sport in the city of Sydney. It’s in Sidney where the first match between the teams from New South Wales and Queensland took place in 1882. Respectively, the Australian rugby team was born, representing the country in union rugby competitions.

Post Image Rugby in Australia The History The Wallabies - Rugby in Australia - The History

The Wallabies

The national team is known as the Wallabies and compete every year against countries such as Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa. The Australian Rugby Union controls this team, which is one of the best and most competitive rugby teams in the world.

The Australians have participated in the nine Rugby Cups of the World and occupy the third place in the most historic period. They’ve also won the Rugby World Cup twice, in the 1991 and 1999 editions, both disputed in Europe, being the only ones to achieve such achievements.

The match des matches, as the French press described it after its completion, is one of the most vibrant and exciting matches in the history of rugby. In it, the teams of Australia and France faced each other in the semi-finals of the first Rugby World Cup, played in New Zealand and Australia in 1987.

Also, it is necessary to mention that they are considered one of the top rugby nations worldwide. It’s all due to their great success in the World Cup and for maintaining a consistently ranked position, acquiring a fifth place in the world.

The rugby league has made a significant contribution to Australia’s great culture and national identity. I’m sure that learning all this new information will entice you to root for the Australian National Team.

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