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Useful Resources

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Discover more information on these websites.

Rugby Reader

The mission of Rugby Reader is to share their passion and love for the game. They welcome fans of their local sport so if you are Australian, rugby is surely running in your blood.


The world’s biggest rugby blog offers everything you need. Whether it is transfers news, updates or results you’re looking for, rugby365 is one hell of an option.

The Roar Rugby Union

The Roar is Australia’s leading sports blogs, offering the best commentary with exclusive reader-written content.

Crusaders Rugby Club News

This is Crusaders Rugby Club’s official website where you’ll find everything, whether you look for game tickets, jerseys, or membership, this is the perfect spot to do your shopping.

Munster Rugby

The site is filled with news, tickets, clothing items, live commentary of the matches, and even highlights. Also, you will find things like player reviews, mobile content, and wallpapers.

Blackheath Rugby Club

This is where rugby started, as Blackheath Rugby is the oldest open club in the world. Keep up with BRC news, rumours, roster, salaries, schedule, and more.


The creators of Rugby-Talk run a news website and blog, where you can find everything related to rugby. They focus on SA Rugby News and provide a platform for rugby supporters to voice their opinion as well.

Super Sydney RFC (Rugby Football Club)

Super Sydney RFC is an Australian club that offers a wide variety of activities and membership for all ages. SS’s 1st team are in National Division 1 and offer high-level, entertaining rugby for the fans.